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Latest News

New upgrades are awesome!

RME Fire Face 800

MotaLand has been using Pro-tools hardware for years but after much research and the software now non-proprietary we have upgraded the analog to digital converters. The new RME converters and internal clock are among the best in the business. What that means for you, the client, is a better end result. Much more clarity all around, articulate crisp highs and tighter low-end.

How about a METAL compilation?

Denver Metal Mash Up Vol I

So as many of you know MotaLand has put out 5 Denver Punk Rock compilations . 3 Undead in Denver's and 2 Mile High Low Life's. It's time I represent the Metal heads and mash up the heavy hitters of Stoner, Grind, Thrash and strait up Metal.

More to come on this venture.....






Right now the two big projects going on are The Fabulous Boogienauts and Casket Crew.


The Fabulous Boogienauts are a 70's Style 9 piece disco band that has 2 Female vocalist fronting. The instrumentation includes 4 horns, Bass, Rocking funk and metallic guitars along with a very funky white mofo on drums.


Casket Crew is a cross between death metal and progressive metal similar to bolt Thrower and Carcass. Doing their third release for metal lable Bad God Records.

Recent Clients

Low Gravity, Mega Blue Stalion, The Fabulous Boogienauts, Cult of the Lost Cause, Chingaso, Battle Spawn, Throttlebomb, The Trade-Ins, Pitch Invasion, Bad Engrish, War Hawk, Sixes & Sevens, MF Ruckus, White Fudge.